Evaluating Offers on Your Home in San Antonio

We Buy Houses Posted on November 22, 2019 Posted by Will

People often ponder just how much their house is worth. One option for determining this, albeit a slow option, is to put your house up for sale on the open market. A much faster way to determine  your home’s value is to seek offers from home investors, which typically takes just 2- to 24-hours. However, for the sake of this article, let us stick with option mentioned first – listing your house for sale on the open market. As we are concluding 2019, San Antonio homeowners who are trying to determine their home’s value are often times receiving multiple offers. This is because San Antonio finds itself in a seller’s market, which is best defined as there being more home buyers than there are homes for sale. If you’re a seller, lucky you, because demand is currently higher than the supply and you are therefore more likely to be able to demand a higher home value. Coincidentally, you’re also likely to receive multiple offers on your home. What is the best way for evaluating offers on your home in San Antonio?

So, just how much is your house worth? If you are feeling a little overwhelmed at so many offers, fortunately for you, as a San Antonio home buying company who has previously sold homes on the open market we’ve come up with six things you can do. These SIX things will help to relieve your stress and allow you to approach the process of evaluating offers on your home in San Antonio to your greatest advantage.

How to Evaluate Offers on Your Home in San Antonio

1. As Stephen Covey says, author of the book “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” – Put First Things First meaning focus on what is important to you. Is it needing to sell your home fast or is it getting the highest home value possible? We find that a home’s value is usually what prevails but there are many occasions where needing to sell your home in San Antonio fast is more important. Of course, both are significant but usually one will be more important to you.

If you need sell your San Antonio home fast,

Give the offers matching your ideal timeline the higher priority.

If home value is important to you,

Sort the offers from highest to lowest.

2. The next step for evaluating offers on your home in San Antonio is to sort the offers into those who are intending to buy without any sort of contingency (home investors are notorious for not having contingencies because they pay cash for houses in San Antonio) v. those who made an offer contingent on bank financing or having to sell their current home first. Although these contingencies are certainly hurdles, you need not completely disregard the contingency group – just consider them a backup plan should your first few choices fall thru.

3. If you have several offers to buy your home that match your preference above (i.e. fast home sale v. high home value) then resort by the home offers that do not have any conditions on the sale. It is important to note that any conditions added have a significant impact when you’re evaluating offers on your home in San Antonio; the more there are, the more costly and time consuming it may be for you.

4. Now you have become organized and find yourself in front of a stack of home offers. At the top of the stack will be your top deals; they may offer a way to sell your San Antonio home fast or the highest house value, then those with the fewest contingencies, and then the home buyers who placed none or very few conditions.

5. Work on your top 3 offers first, making counter offers from your self-created position of strength. If after a week or so a deal can’t be made with your top 3, advise your and the buyer’s realtor of your bottom line and then move onto working your next 3. Communicating your bottom line keeps the door open with your top 3 while allowing you to then move on to work your next 3-offers. When you do this, we have found that buyers fear losing a home they’ve already negotiated on. By moving on to your next 3 they may be more inclined to meet the terms you decided on when evaluating offers on your home in San Antonio.

6. Are you still a little overwhelmed? Don’t have as many offers as you’d like? Didn’t receive the offers that you want? There is another way to sell your home in San Antonio fast AND with a high home value! The answer is FixerUpper4Cash – We Buy Houses in Any Condition in San Antonio! You’ll get multiple offers in just 2-hours plus a super-fast closing.