Home Renovations That Sell Your House Fast

Sell House Fast, Home Improvement Posted on November 6, 2019 Posted by Will

There’s so many recommendations out there from purported experts saying things like “you need to redo your countertops”, “you should add landscaping”, or – ok, we’ll stop because the list can go on-and-on and on-and-on some more! However, let us say there is a recipe for making home renovations that will sell your house fast and for more money – and it’s actually pretty easy. What is it you ask? It can be broken down into two simple things – neutralizing and de-personalizing it. Nonetheless, that doesn’t mean painting every room beige, removing all your personal photos, and leaving it at that! Fortunately, your local central Texas homebuyers FixerUpper4Cash have rehabbed quite a few homes in their time and through each rehab, we’ve been able to test out what speaks to a buyer’s heart and thus their pocketbook!

Renovations That Sell Your House Quickly

After we buy houses in San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, or Killeen, when we’re renovating them we strive for a simple and cohesive design and atmosphere. You might be saying, “what in the world does that mean?” It means we use the KISS method, which equates to neutral and simple. Here’s a few home renovations that will sell your house fast:

Paint the interior a subtle gray. A couple of our favorites are Glidden’s PPG1007-5 Lazy Afternoon and Behr’s Toasty Gray N320-2u. For accents, use Glidden’s PPG1001-1 Delicate White. For a popping, yet subtle exterior shade, we often deploy the likes of Behr’s Silver Marlin and Maui Mist for accents.

Paint Color To Sell House

Spruce up that kitchen. It doesn’t have to be a full-blown replacement, you can simply repaint existing cabinets and replace the backsplash for pennies on the dollar. Central Texas home buyers are being drawn to light or all white kitchens with darker accents for that added pop of color. The bottom line is this: white kitchen cabinetry, as well as light colored counter tops, are all the rage while dark cherry cabinetry is out of fashion and is no longer a buyer’s first choice. Lastly, if you have an extra $1k, you can more than double your money by replacing those outdated appliances with stainless steel appliances.

Hardwood flooring is also an excellent choice for a home renovation that will sell your house fast…and for more! There’s many different types of suitable “hardwoods”, including laminate, which is a (often times) significantly less alternative that still provides the same bang-for-the-buck of real hardwood. Before proceeding with this renovation though, be sure to check under those carpets – we’ve been amazed at how many homes we’ve seen where the previous owner covered up gorgeous original hardwoods. If you find yourself in this situation, consider yourself lucky, because all you need to do is give those original hardwoods a clean and sparkly shine.  If you do need to install new hardwood floors, we opt for the 5” plank and mid thickness sub-flooring to offer a softer walk. The wider plank is becoming more fashionable and makes a house even in the lower to mid price range look and feel like a higher-end home.

Renovation To Sell House Quickly

We often paint our pre-existing banisters and railings with a semi-gloss black and the spindles and risers in a semi-gloss white. This combination gives the home a distinctive, designer, and high-end look. It’s especially stunning with darker stained hardwood floors.

For the finish-out, we don’t go over the top and neither should you. You can ditch those high cost chrome fixtures and instead use brushed nickel fixtures in your kitchen and bathrooms. We also replace the cabinetry with pre-fab cabinets and we highly recommend you also replace all toilets (everybody wants their own throne…you know).

If you heed the market tested advice provided herein, your home renovation will sell your house fast! It’ll likely even fly off the market and have multiple offers!

Sell Your Home Fast But Don’t Want To Do Home Renovations

Sometimes homeowners don’t want the headache of a home renovation, especially having to live thru one. Other times we’ve seen homeowners get started on a home renovation only to realize that they’re in way over their heads, or worse, are way over budget. If any of these scenarios strike a chord with you, FixerUpper4Cash home buyers in central Texas may be able to help. We buy houses in any condition. If you’d like to find out more about home renovations that sell your house fast, contact us now and we’ll buy your house so you don’t have to make or live through those costly home renovations! When you contact us, in just 2-hours you’ll receive several options to sell your central Texas house fast. Fill out our form today!