Weekend Home Improvement Projects That Add Value to Your Home in Central Texas

Home Improvement Posted on March 25, 2020 Posted by Cassie Gonzales

As a homeowner, being conscious of home improvements that add value can pay off when it comes to selling. FixerUpper4Cash is always interested in any home upgrades you have done when making fast cash offers for houses. Home remodeling projects that require a little elbow grease and even less money can have huge appeal to potential home buyers when selling your home fast. There are a variety of things that you can explore when taking on a weekend house renovation project. None must break the bank, but a few small weekend home renovations can certainly add value to your home and put money in your pocket.

Home Remodel – How DIY are We Talking?

No tools around the house? Have no fear. Weekend home improvement projects that will add value to your home can be done with few materials. There is no cause for concern over your level of Do It Yourself (DIY) knowledge either. If you have a creative eye and the right DIY attitude, then dive into your next weekend renovation. If you are unsure about tackling projects yourself, turn DIY into DIWF (Do It With Family) to get some quality family time.

In the last decade or so there have been a few new directions in home design preferences. This has caused homeowners in the central Texas area to reconsider what home improvements to make. Since the mid-2000’s home design trends have shifted from colorful accents and textures to more neutral colors and smooth finishes in major parts of the home. As fast home buyers, FixerUpper4Cash does multiple home renovations each year to add value to homes located in central Texas. As such, here are some easy tips for choosing the highest value home improvements.

Home Improvements – Accents

Oui oui! – Oops, wrong accent! Common suggestions for DIY remodels are to refinish or even replace bathroom and kitchen cabinets. But before you bust out the hand sander, there is another way to revitalize those cabinets. Peel and stick vinyl accents are trendy and simple to apply. If you know your way around measuring tape, scissors, and have some good old-fashioned patience you can have a brand-new look to any space over the weekend.

Backsplash Renovation

A home remodel project like the peel and stick home improvement are backsplashes. Subway tile is a timeless backsplash that has survived many different fixer-upper trends over the years, and they look great in any space. Surely you have seen the classic white finish backsplash – however, most backsplashes trending today come in various neutral colored styles.

Fixer Upper Fixtures

Nothing shouts home “upgrade!” like swapping out old fixtures for new ones. There are many fixtures that are forgotten or overlooked when remodeling a house. Common fixtures like faucets, ceiling fans, and smaller cosmetic items like blinds make the list of weekend home remodeling projects. Others to consider can serve as both a luxury upgrade as well as a long-term efficiency feature to your home. Fixtures like dual flush systems and showerheads with differing pressures can save on your water bill. You may not be rolling in the dough overnight but saving over $100 sounds like a solid investment in future weekend home improvement projects.

Similarly, outlets with energy-efficient features can aid in saving money each year. Trendy outlets now feature USB ports for smartphone cords. Some weekend renovation projects don’t even involve buying new hardware; refreshing original hardware with a coat of spray paint will dramatically elevate existing rooms.

Fix Up Shelves

Don’t underestimate the value of a floating shelf. Floating shelves can take the place of bulky nightstands and clear up bedside clutter. If you’re looking to sell your house fast, then remember that you want to declutter as much as possible – allow cash buyers to see how much room there is for stuff – not how much stuff there is in a space.

The aesthetic possibilities of blending metals with woods and varying the sizes of floating shelves can add both practicality and breathe creative life into adding value to your home in central Texas. The most advantageous aspect to this DIY weekend home project is there really is not a place throughout your home that wouldn’t benefit from extra storage. Add floating shelves to the kitchen pantry, above the toilet in the bathroom, in the garage and even your outdoor patio.

Home Renovation Framing & Paint

Framing out areas in your home serves as the perfect opportunity to add separation and value to any areas that seem to float awkwardly into each other. Freshen up an oversized bathroom mirror with a custom frame. Transform long plain hallways with a few pieces of plywood and self-adhering molding and accent paint. Renovating small things on the exterior of your home can add notable curb appeal. Simple refreshers like adding a fresh coat of paint to your window frames and front door will add a welcoming touch.

Home Improvement Landscaping

Weekend home improvement projects should also take place outdoors. Some creative trends like planter boxes featuring your house number under a modern porch light can make your home stand out. Strategically placed rock gardens with low-maintenance plants and low-cost planters can add tremendous home renovation value.

Some of the same inside the home remodel projects can also bring your outdoor spaces to life. Creating separation and framing and dual-purpose projects will turn a few heads towards your Central Texas Home and could very well win over a potential buyer.

After seeing many different design trends in the central Texas area, we are confident at FixerUpper4Cash that a few weekend home remodel projects will truly add value, turning your Fixer Upper into a brand-new house. Focusing on common areas and moving from room to room will help when deciding which weekend home project to tackle next. FixerUpper4Cash is always interested in any home in any condition. If you are unsure of any DIY inspiration or don’t feel like you can tackle the hassle and cost of a home renovation, then sell your home fast plus we buy houses with cash in Texas. Contact FixerUpper4Cash for fast offers on your home. Otherwise, get to fixin your fixer upper!